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Air traffic


Passengershouldarriveforregistrationattheairportnotlaterthan 2 hoursbeforeflight. Passengers and baggage check are stopped not until than 40 minutes before flight in accordance with schedule. Depend on peculiarity of airport and rules of carrier latest check can be other. More details information you can receive in representative of carrier. Board aircraft is stopped not until than 10 minutes before flight time. In case passenger breaks arrival time for registration or board aircraft, carrier may deny boarding.


Passenger is responsible forreceipting all necessary documents for journey:

Visa, permeations, certificates etc., carrying out all  legislation concerning on entry to and exit from the country of departure, arrival and transit. Carrier isn’t responsible for consequence if passenger not receive this documents or visa or carrying out all mentioned legislation. By requirement of carrier passenger should show carrier’s authorized person, representative of relevant state authority all documents for departure, arrival and transit, about level of health and other documents which required by legislation and permit carrier make a copy and keep it or keep only information from this documents. Carrier may deny boarding if the passenger didn’t carry out compliant legislation or if the documents are inadequate. Carrier isn’t responsible for refusal of entry to the country.


Carrier may demand from passenger to make repeated confirmation of return fight. Carrier describes flights with confirmation of return fight. Passenger must be informed about necessity of the return flight confirmation. The reaffirmation of the return flight is not required, if the return flight is supposed less than for 72 hours or if the reservation was made less than before 72 hours to time of scheduled departure. If the passenger has few parts of flight route, confirmation is made for each part. Non fulfillment by passenger requirements of the carrier concerning reaffirmation of reservation give the right to the carrier to cancel unconfirmed reservation not earlier then 72 hours before flight scheduled departure.


 1. As used in this contract “ticket” which is called “passenger ticket and baggage check” including electronic ticket, given by the carrier (his agent), which  Includes conditions of the carriage and communication contract, together with the  flight passenger coupons and  “Carrier” means all air-carriers that carry or undertake to carry the passenger or his  baggage hereunder or perform any other service incidental to such air carriage,  “Electronic ticket” means the electronic document that includes printed  Itinerary/Receipt, electronic coupons and if applicable, boarding document.  “international operations” – carrying when the departure and arrival points, (though  take place stop of the carrying or reloading) are based either on the territory of 2  different countries or on the territory of one country, if station is provided on the  territory of other country;  Internal carrying – passenger of baggage transportation by the aircrafts between  points, situated on the territory of Ukraine.

2.  Passenger ticket or baggage check are the confirmation/evidence of contract  conclusion and contain its condition. Absence, error in execution or loss of the  passenger ticket or baggage check do not influence the force of the contract. The carrier undertakes to carry passenger and to the point of destination, giving to  him the place and ordered class of onboard service, what operates the flight,  specified in the ticket. The passenger have to pay for the  carriage and ordered service the fixed fare, airport charge and tax, and in case of  carrying of baggage - for carrying of such baggage. Cases of ticket invalidation are specified in item 4., chapter 1, section V of the rules  of passenger and baggage air transportation, approved by the order of Ministry of  Transport and Communications of Ukraine (23.04.2020 №216, registered in  Ministry of justice of Ukraine 11.08.2010 №669/17964).

3.  Norms/rules of free carriage of registered baggage are set in accordance with by  the carrier dependent on the aircraft type, class of service and flight zone and  cannot be less than: by the piece concept – 1 baggare place with the weight no more than 20 kg (44 foots) with the size the place (sum of heights, width, length) – 158 cm (62 inches) by the weight concept – 15 kg with the size of each place (sum of heights, width,  length) – no more than 158 cm. Child aged less than 2 years has the right to free carriage of one baggage place  with weight less than 10 kg. (22 pounds), size of which is no more than 115 cm (45  inches) as “by the piece” or “by the weight” concepts. Rules for oldest children are  the same as for adults. Passenger has the right to free carriage of Passenger has the right for free  carriage of goods that he take with him and doesn’t place to the baggage, i.e.: woman bag, document folder, overcoat or cloak, jacket,  umbrella, editions for reading during the flight, baby’s food, necessary during flight, baby carriage (if child is before 1 year old), invalid carriage or crutches. The  common weight of all goods must not be more than 5 kg.

4.  Name of the carrier in the ticket may be specified shortly. The full name and its short form are included into tables of fees, conditions of carriage, rules and schedule of the proper (relevant) carrier. Address of the carrier is mentioned in cover of the ticket and in the carrier’s website.  Agreed items of the stop are the points, mentioned in current ticket or in carrier’s schedule as points of stop on the route of passenger journey. Carriages, performed under this contract by few consecutive carriers are considered as one  carriage.

5.  Carrier, who issue ticket for carriage by other carrier is acting as an agent of the other carrier.

6.  Registered baggage is given to the holder of baggage tag . In case of improper transportation of the baggage the relevant document is made, on the ground of this document claim in written form may be asserted to the carrier. In case of improper transportation of the registered baggage passenger must send the claim to the carrier as soon as possible after exposure of the damage (loss of part of the baggage) and not late than 7 days after day of the registered baggage receipt. In case of delay of baggage transportation the claim must be asserted not late than after 21 calendar days from the date when the baggage was passed to the passenger disposal. Claims about baggage loss are presented to the carrier after that the baggage is recognized as lost. Baggage is recognized as lost if it is not found after 21 calendar days from the date, next after one when the baggage is to come to the point of destination. In this case claim may be presented to the carrier during 2 years after the date of baggage arrival to the point of destination or after the date when the aircraft is to come to the point of destination or after the date then transportation was ceased. 

The claims are considered in order established by the carrier. The carrier is to deal with claim and inform claimant about allowance or rejection of claim during 3 months of the date of its receipt, if transportation (according to which the claim was asserted) was performed fully by one carrier. If in carriage took part other carriers, period of dealing with claim may be prolonged with 6 months.

Actions of carrier responsibility about improper passenger or baggage carriage must be issued, of claimant’s own choice,to the court of

-the place of registration of the carrier

- the place of carrier headquarters location,

- location of carrier office, where the carriage contract was made.

And in time according to the current legislation from the date of its arrival to the point of destination or from the date of finishing the carriage. Claims of the carrier 

responsibility concerning improper passenger carriage may be issued in accordance with the terms established by the current legislation without prior asserting

of claims to the carrier.

7.Ticket, issued by the normal fare, is current for carriage during a year from the date of beginning of the carriage, provided that part of the ticket is used, 

or from the date of its issuance, provided that not all ticket is used.

Ticket, issued by special fare is current for carriage only till the date, mentioned in the ticket, and under conditions, established by rules of fare use.

8. Time of flight departure and type of aircraft, established in the flight schedule or in other published flight schedules of the carrier are not guaranteed and are not obligatory condition of the transportation contract. The carrier has the right to change flight departure time and he must inform the passenger about that in time.

The carrier has the right to change the type of aircraft without informing the passenger about that.

The carrier has the right to delay or cancel the flight owing to commercial cause or reasons beyond the control of the carrier.

The carrier must take all possible measures to prevent delay of passenger and baggage carriage.

In case of force-majeure (adverse weather conditions, extraordinary events during air traffic control, strike, rebellion, civil disturbance, embargo, wars, adverse actions, disturbance of peace, unsettled international relations, unexpecteddefects, which influence flight safety or other difficulties, that actually threaten or render impossible safety flightperformance), the carrier has the right without informing the passenger to cancel or delay the flight or to cancel earlier confirmed reservation. In other cases the carrier or his selling agent are to notify the passenger about delay or cancelling of the flight not late than before 3 hours to the beginning of the registration.The carrier does not bear responsibility for mistakes and oversights in shedules or in other published flight timetables other carriers.

9. Nobody from agents, office workers or carrier’s representatives has no right to change or cancel the regulations of this contract.




Passenger rights in case of refusal of carriage, cancellation or delay of the flight are regulated by the part XVII and XVIII of the Ruler of baggage and passenger air transportation, approved by the order of Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine (23.04.2020 №216, registered in Ministry of justice of Ukraine 11.08.2010 №669/17964). Information about order of application of compensation and assistance, its volume can be received from the representative of the carrier. 


The carrier is to bear responsibility for harm, which caused death orbodily injury, took place on board of the aircraft or during boarding or unloading of passengers.

The carrier is responsible for harm, caused by deletion, loss or damage of the registered baggage, only if the carrier is responsible for harm, caused by deletion, loss or damage of the registered baggage, only on conditions that evidence that cause it take place on board of aircraft or if the carrier is responsible for saving of registered baggage, but the carrier is not responsible for breakage of the baggage because of its defect, quality. Concerning non registered baggage, including personal things of the passenger, the carrier bear responsibility, if harm is made because of his mistakes or his employee’s or service agents mistakes. 

Carrier is responsible for damage if the reason delay in air transportation of passenger and baggage, but carrier don’t responsible for damage in case delay if they establish that your staff, representatives and agents ( sale and service) to take measures for run damage or that they haven’t a possibility for take this action.

Responsibility of carried for incorrect transportation in any case is limit to real damage, establish by passenger.

If carrier establish that damage was or their beginnings was conducted illegal actions or no actins by person which demand on compensation or person which have a rights, carrier completely or partly of responsibility demanded compensation in size which illegal actions are damage.

If damande about compensation incase of dead or injury, with have a passenger. State other person as passenger, carrier or partly of responsibility demanded compensationin size which illegal actions are damage.

Compensation in case of dead or injury of passenger, damage in result of delay air transportation of passenger or baggage and responsibility of caarier in case loose, delay or damage checked baggage for international air transportation in accordance with Montreal convention and Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine 12.10.2002 № 1535 “ about rules of  obligatory air insurance for civil aviation” for flight in Ukraine. This rules is in Air Transportation.


As checked baggage can transportation place of baggage is they weight non more than 23 kg. weight for one checked baggage cannot be more than 23 kg.  In case absence information about weight of baggage in baggage tag , consider that weight of checked baggage is 20 kg. Sum of tree measuring separate place of baggage (length, width, height) don’t exceed 158 cm. for preliminary concurrence with carrier bigger baggage can receive for transportation. Mismatch baggage of mentioned requirements, should register as cargo.

Norms of free transportation does not apply to:

- accompanied luggage, irrespective of their names, if their dimension isn’t confirm mentioned requirements.

- accompanied luggage didn’t putted to bags, box, if their weight (one place) more than 20 kg;

- TV set, tape recorder, radio set if their weight (one place) more than 10 kg

- flowers, planting stock, dry plants, branchs of the tree if general weight more than 5 kg;

-post accompany with government courier;

- animals (wild or domestic), birds, bees and other except dog –guide with blind  passenger.

Things which don’t enter into thebaggage:

- produce, goods, rarity and other material if they can make a risk to passengers health, flight safety or property of carrier or other passengers during flight, for exp: highly explosive, compressed gas, matirials which provoke a corrosion, oxidant, radioactive materials, magnets, toxic, highly inflammable and other matters and matirials in accordance with ІСАО, Doc 9284-AN/905and matirials are prohibited for transportation by passenger aircrafts.

- fragile and delicatethings, damageable, money, key, precious thing, electronics, photo- video, technical – business documentations, medicaments, medical documents, passport and other personal identification document.

- produce and goods, which transportation is ban by laws in force any country, from, to or across territory which will be performed a flight;

- produce and goods which not apply to transportation for reason weights, dimensions, forms, smells

- live animals and birds, except event in accordance with Air transportation rules

Things which can transportation as checked baggage or as baggage preliminary concurrence: firearms, accoutrements and arms, include rarity, cold steel, cutting and thrust weapon.

Passengers can include to checked baggage their everyday things, alcohol, no radioactivity things for medical and thing for first needed, included container with aerosol for medical purpose and other things which are admit for transportation in finite-dimensional in accordance with (ІСАО, Doc 9284-AN/905) in quantity permit controlling authority.

Carrier may dany keep baggage if they don’t pack to bags or box for safety transportation this baggage and air cargo handling.

Any baggage if they more than norms free transportation, passenger should pay in accordance baggage tariff.

Hand luggage

As hand luggage accept things with weight and dimensions in accordance with rules of carrier for safety placing in cabin and in baggage shelves or under sets. be prohibited placing of hand luggage on all passageway onboard.

Take you attention

Hand luggage don’t include cutting and thrust things : knife, scissors, needle,knitting needle and other cutting and thrust things. Not permit bring to board in hand luggage any suspension, cream more than 100 мл in one tube. General volume this things in hand luggage, packed in tube volume 100 мл is limit for 1 liter for one passenger.

According to the manual flight operation of aircraft Saab-340 Aircompany  "South Airlines”  luggage transportation rules are as follows: 45 x 35 x 20 cm (5 kg), respectively, length x width x height (weight).

Beside the hand baggage, some of the following items, if necessary, are allowed on board: blanket, overcoat or jacket, umbrella, ladies handbag, reading matter and dictionary / phrase book for the journey, writing material, small camera, small music player, binoculars, infant’s  carrying basket, baby food, any kind of prostheses, dialysis medical equipment or other medications you depend on.

We recommend you to carry in your cabin baggage all your documents and valuable items (for instance, passport and any other means of identification, visa, international vaccination passport, international health insurance certificates, travel documents, securities, negotiable  papers, electronic equipment, money and credit cards, jewelry, medication).


If your hand baggage is oversized / overweighted (can be even a  pushchair/ stroller/ wheelchair) but you do not wish it to be checked, the check-in agent will attach a special label marked “Delivery at Aircraft” (DAA) to your baggage. This type of baggage must not weigh more than 8 kg. Upon boarding, you will hand your baggage over to the handling agent and it will be handed back to you at the aircraft stairs upon disembarkation.

This procedure can also be used if you have a very short connection time.

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